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Automate your D2C sales funnel with CRO Copilot

Fuel conversion with Cooee's CRO (Conversion rate optimization) Copilot with AI-powered insights & personalized popups and embeds.

Engage with your visitors in real-time, capturing their intent and giving a unique customer journey.

Tired of spending a fortune driving traffic to your store, only to treat all visitors the same way? With our service, we analyze each visitor's intent on your Shopify store in real time to better understand where they are in the customer journey. We then categorize visitor activity as low, medium, or high and uniquely engage with them to minimize funnel leakage.


Personalize journey for 100% first time visitors

We analyze over 40 micro-user behaviors in real-time to decode customer intent and to engage with customers uniquely.


Reduce operations time by 95%

We understand time is money in the D2C world. With AI, we cut down on manual segmentation to run campaigns effectively and bring results instantly.


Increase conversion rates up to 4X

Our data-driven technology enables personalized interactions for higher conversion rates by simply retargeting your strategy.

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    Automate your sales funnel and optimize conversion with AI-powered CRO Co-pilot

    20% Commission

    $50 Minimum payout