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Think of us as your behind-the-scenes SEO maestro, fine-tuning Shopify stores with slick keyword research and optimized content.

Improve your audience's SEO and conversions by letting us improve their product pages with AI.

ConvertMate harnesses the power of live search volume and competition data to tailor your content. Our specialized approach includes an in-depth analysis of each product, leveraging real-time SEO data to craft product descriptions, titles, alt text, handles, and meta tags that stand out in search results. Say goodbye to tedious manual optimization and welcome a seamless, data-led strategy for boosting your organic traffic.


SEO-proof your Shopify store in minutes

Let ConvertMate perform keyword research and craft SEO-friendly product pages on hyper targeted keywords.


Automatically improve low performing product pages

ConvertMate tracks real-time user interactions and continuously A/B tests different variants on product pages to reach the highest conversion rates.


Monitor your product page performance

Get a SEO & health score on each product page with tailored recommendations and tips to improve it.

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    ConvertMate - AI SEO Optimizer

    Improve your SEO and conversions by letting us improve your product pages with AI

    20% Commission

    $100 Minimum payout